First Announcement

Dear colleagues,

Global Hands-On Universe Conference (GHOU 2015) will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii from 4 to 5 August 2015, along with the annual Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) international workshop for teachers and educators from 8 to 9 August 2015.

The conference will be focused on improving and propagating GTTP and GHOU community throughout the world. Significant efforts are underway in many nations, and experience has proven that by working together is beneficial. Advances in asteroid discoveries, activities, outcomes, assessments, workshops, and global impact and sustainability all have been realised since the last conference.

GHOU 2015 conference will create a platform for professional astronomers and educators to meet and share hands-on minds-on learning in the framework of Global Hands-on Universe network, bridging the cultural and political divides. Sessions will cover;

  • Reports from Nations on Astronomy for Development
  • New Resources: Software, Activities, Curricula that are Sharable/Replicable
  • New Teacher Support Systems that are Sharable/Replicable
  • International Year of Light Activities
  • Opportunities for sturdifyng GHOU’s base support and structure
  • Real Research in Classrooms and New Telescope Networks for Students and Teachers
  • Hawaii Telescopes and Sharing them with Educators
  • Trends in Global Science Education
  • Evaluation of Impact of GHOU around the world

GHOU 2015 coincides with the General Assembly of International Astronomical Union (IAU GA 2015), Participation in IAU GA 2015 is encouraged.

The conference is organised by the US-HOU, with the support of Institute for Astronomy – University of Hawaii. To register and to submit your abstract, please visit

Best regards,

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