UPDATE: Presentations and abstracts available online!

You can download the presentations and abstracts of the talks online below.

Keynotes/Talks  DAY 1
Carl Pennypacker Another Good Year for GHOU and More Work and Successes Ahead
Pedro Russo Astronomy Education 2020
Kevin Govender Astronomy and Developing Nations
Tim Slater Modern Astronomy Education
Rosa Doran How to recruit, train, and sustain 20,000 teachers around the world in the GTTP — we have the numbers — how do we bind us together?
Reports GHOU
Suzanne et Michel Faye How to engage Toute la France in GHOU
Sergio Cabezon Building a Sustainable System for Teacher Training in Chile with an Internet Infrastructure and regular Workshops
Rosa Doran Reaching Many Teachers with Many Different Methods in Portugal
Bonnie Thurber Building GTTP and GHOU in Nepal Real Workshops with Salsa J
David Platz GHOU in Atherton, Australia
Kentaro Yaji Solar Observation Data Education in Classroom
Paulo Bretones GHOU in Brazil
James Adzamli Astronomy in Ghana
Alan Gould & Rich Lohman USA-report from HOU-USA meeting, July 2015
Hongfeng Guo GHOU Activities in China
Karen Masters Astronomy Outreach with Galaxy Zoo and the Zooniverse
Talks DAY 2
Sze-leung Cheung IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach
Carl Pennypacker Ideas for More Focused GHOU Fundraising Activities
Richard Gelderman WKU Exemplary Activities We Can Share Now
Rosa Doran Skylight Opera


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GHOU 2015 Programme
GTTP 2015 Programme

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