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Global Hands-On Universe Conference
August 23-27, 2021


Registration is open! Abstract deadline is July 31!


Message from the Organisers

We heartily welcome all teachers, students, educators, and other scientists to join us on our amazing journey with Global Hands-On Universe.  Over the past decades, we have proven many times with Global HOU materials and well-trained teachers, students tend to learn more, teachers are re-energised about their discipline, students can do real science, students are inspired about careers in STEM disciplines, students learn IT skills, etc.  There is little not to like about GHOU. Come join us!

Last year, the GHOU Online Conference received an amazing response from the community, with over one thousand registered participants from 85 different countries. The full program spanned over 100 hours of content, which could be followed live by registered participants via Zoom, and by anyone else interested using GHOU’s Facebook page. These numbers made the GHOU Conference 2020 one of the largest online events in the field of Astronomy Education of all time. This sets a high bar for this year’s conference. Be a part of this online adventure and share your work with the world!

Why this conference is special

Online Conference

Truly Global



Key Activities at GHOU 2021

Submit an abstract and present your work on the many conference topics!

Keynote talks by leading specialists from all continents.

Submit an abstract and present your work on the many conference topics.

Have a great idea for teaching STEM in the classroom? Want to share your favourite resource? Propose an online workshop and share your skills with fellow educators from around the globe. 

Join forces with your peers and discuss hot topics of education in a roundtable.

Words from the HOU founder

This Global HOU is a world’s first in many ways.

1) We have developed inspiring, engaging, and effective science education materials, and now we have the means and marketing capabilities to share them with all peoples.

2)  We will  be seen by any teacher or student with Internet Access in the world!

3) We will save all of our workshops and proceedings and talk on Zoom, so they can be seen by people who missed the synchronous event.

4)  All of our materials now are in amazing shape, and we just have to organize and build very easily accessible learning materials around them.  That is, we have fantastic image processing software, fantastic activities, and fantastic trainers.

Carl Pennypacker, GHOU

Keynote speakers


Conference Topics

  • Good practices in Astronomy Education
  • Innovation in Astronomy Education
  • Inclusion in Astronomy Education
  • International Collaborations in the Virtual World 
  • Lessons from the Pandemic 
  • Dark Skies
  • Planetary Defense
  • Astronomy for Development
  • Research in the Classroom with Robotic Telescopes
  • Gender Balance and Stereotypes in Astronomy Research
  • Cultural Astronomy and Archeoastronomy
  • Transposing the Language Barrier
  • Exoplanets and Education

Join Us!

Sharing Experiences

By utilizing modern telecommunication, computer, and software capabilities, we can truly share our experiences from many of our schools and many nations.  The sharing and learning that will take place in this conference should be very good!

How Teachers Benefit

Teachers will learn that they are part of a powerful global system that really works, has energy, and can change their lives and their students' lives for the better.  And we have many field-tested, classroom-ready materials, and you will learn how to succeed with them, many times over.

Truly Global

The 5 days of conference sessions are hosted in 3 different time zones spread 8 hours apart from each other, so participants from all parts of the world can participate.

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