Dear Global Hands-On Universe Teachers and Colleagues,

We announce the Global HOU Conference in Honolulu, with Hawaii and International teacher training on August 3-5 and then the Global HOU Annual Collaboration Meeting August 8 and 9.

The GHOU 2015 conference will be focused on improving and propagating Galileo Teacher Training and Global Hands-On Universe in Hawaii and throughout the world. Very significant efforts are underway in many nations, and experience has proven that by working together, we all benefit! Significant advances in asteroid discoveries, activities, outcomes, assessments, workshops, and global impact and sustainability all have been realized since our last meeting. This is indeed a a tremendously exciting and great time to be involved in real-data/astrophysics-mediated science and math education.

Our meeting is coincident with the International Astronomical Union’s General Assembly,, so if you want to participate in both meetings, this should be possible.

We have reserved a limited number low-cost (and not fancy) rooms available for those who register early. Studio rooms with a double bed are available for $56 per night at the East West Center, Rooms are available from 2 to 17 August, 2015, in order to accommodate the attendance in IAU GA and to enjoy Hawaii. To request one of these rooms for the 15 day time slot, please email Carl Pennypacker,

A web site with agenda, goals, directions, etc., will be posted soon. If you know of other interested teachers and educators, please forward this email to them.

For other inquiries, please email to LOC at:

Best regards,

Carl Pennypacker, Rosa Doran, Bonnie Thurber and the GHOU Annual Conference Team